Abraham Lincoln becomes president when America was less than 100 years old. Many people live this long and could have seen the transition a country made from its beginnings to its struggle brother to brother. They would have seen the freedom that many former citizens an ocean apart. One hundred years is a drop in the bucket for the universe. But for humans, it’s an eternity.

Abraham Lincoln Struggles

Many Americans know or should know Lincoln was born in a log cabin. Teaching himself to read he eventually became a lawyer. Ran for congress then became president of the US. He was a man that was tested his entire life to become something that no one ever thought he could be. He was not perfect, but if I look at the overall picture of Lincoln I see him as one of the greatest heroes in American history.

But I am not here to speak of Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt or Obama. I am here to talk about you. You, who are spending your days cruising the internet. I don’t know what you do for a living. You might be unemployed sitting in a library in Spokane, Wa. Maybe you’re a shrimper working off a boat in the Florida Keys. It does not matter who or what you do. It’s about the big “Why are you here”.

My name is Stephen Stefanski. I have been on the internet since the beginning. Even before the internet, I was online going to bulletin board sites. Now I am here talking with you. What are your needs and wants on this thing we call the Web? I only know why I am here, why are you?

It’s A Big Internet

The US is the third largest country in the world. It also has the third largest amount of people as well.  But the one thing that sets her apart from all other countries is her wealth. She has the largest GDP in the world. She has paid her dues and received payment.

You are trying to grab a bit of this wealth. You are trying so hard, and yet you often come up short. During my time here I have found many ways to help people find that success. I am not talking about waking up in the morning and you take a shower and look at the person sleeping next to you and you say. “Baby, let’s fly to the Bahamas today.” You pack a bag and in three hours you tare a flight across the water. You never look back.

This is not only a dream but a reality. It took me ten years to get my stride online. Now that I have it I am willing to share it with others. It won’t affect my day to day business, but it will affect me. I will be adding many money making ideas to the site every day. So stop back and we can talk. I read all my messages and usually get back within 24 hours. So please like and share so I can continue building. I love this, and I hope you do too.

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