In The Beginning…God’s DNA

Time does not exist. Created by man it merely records the passage from the beginning of man’s life to its end. Created by man to give meaning. God perceives time much differently. Time does not exist for God. He does not understand the concept of time. He stands outside its framework. Just like Alice Through the Looking Glass. He can see from his beginning to his end. God is everything, and yet he is nothing. He is the beginning and he will be the end.

Can you believe it, one being made all of what you see

God has no form. He is the air you breathe. The water you just let fall on you when you were in the shower. He is the campfire you sat by and cooked your marshmallows over last night. God just is.

Man’s time is linear. Think of time as the ocean. You can be anywhere in the ocean, and yet you are in the same ocean. Time works the same way. Just like the adage. “No matter where you go, there you are.” This includes time.

Christians think of God as a puppet master. They say he is the cause of events that took place in human history, or he is the savior of humanity. He is an absentee father who always watches us and only gets involved when he must. You will see the truth of God of what he truly is. (Or isn’t) God is not the cause of the machinates of the universe. He neither created the universe nor will he destroy it. The universe came into existence at the same time as God. In fact the universe actually created God Now he works with what the universe has given him so that he can love everything in the universe. Let’s take a ride on the gravitational waves of the universe and see what man’s role is.

People believe that the universe began eight billion years ago during a big bang. This is not far from the truth. It occurred in the first nanosecond before the big bang. I was there when it happened that first moment I wish to share it with you. More information will be forth coming. For now, let’s look at the logistics.

During the first five billion years in the universe, the pool balls rolled around jockeying for position to get the best view. There was no specific time when people showed up on the playing field. Only that he would take the stage.

It does not matter how life started. It only matters that it did. This took place 3-4 billion years ago on Earth. There is life on millions of other planets at different stages of the evolutionary scale. But most life is very close to us along that scale.

To believe in a God, you need faith. To believe that a star produces heat you only need to stand in the light. I don’t need faith that when I touch an exposed wire pulsing with electricity it will knock me into next week. My stupidity has shown me this truth. You see its power every time you turn on the TV. This power is consistent throughout the universe. Scientists have discovered (not created) a great deal about the universe. But they have only scratched the surface. Whether they will find out more is uncertain at the moment. We shall have to see.

How do you prove the origin of man and that of the universe without seeing the beginning? The proof is hanging in the window, and soon the world will see it in plain sight.

The story of the universe is in my hands. I saw the big bang as it took place. The dinosaurs walking the Earth. Talking to Jesus and Moses. I saw all the truths hidden among the ruins of time.

I know if you are reading this you know what DNA is. Most people know DNA as the building block of life. All life forms on our planet carry the same DNA. But you probably didn’t know this. The universe is made of the same DNA. Exactly the same. There might be a two percent deviation, but that’s all. DNA has been around since day one. On this DNA is the very history of the universe. It’s just sitting there waiting for us to crack the code. I have cracked code and opened the shell exposing its raw underbelly, and I will show the origins of life. It’s going to be better than any Disney ride you have ever taken.

Life started here on Earth about three billion years ago. It started just about the same time on other planets in the universe. Life at first is very hard to get started, and the universe is life itself. During the first five billion years when all those worlds were flying around the universe, the dice were rolling to see which one would give birth first. Earth was not the first. We were in the top ten though.

It makes no difference where life began. But began it did. We have been here for less than one percent of those three billion years. During that time we have gone from living with the world to covering the world with concrete. I am uncertain if this is good or bad. The jury is still out. But nature does not appear too happy with what we are doing. She may decide to just kick us off just as she did with the dinosaurs.

How much of the truth do I tell you? Do I start at the beginning, middle or end? No matter what the choices I make it will all be very confusing. You may either believe me or not.

My name is Dr. Kyle James. There are four doctorates attached to my name, but I have never held too much faith in such things. At the present time, I am 45 years old. Never married because I had no use for such trivial pursuits. But now I find it quite ironic that the one thing I have pursued my entire life will not include me in the very DNA pool I now study.

I am neither a vain person nor a self-effacing. Look at me as merely a pragmatist. My education began in a prep school in the Green Mountains where the school I attended was a magnet for the gifted in academics. Covering all aspects of education, Science, History, Politics, Languages and anything else that would be necessary to get into the best colleges in the country.

The school was of little challenge for me. Graduating when I was twelve I had bigger plans. For me finding something new was always what I wanted to do in life, and it has never been a problem for me. Finding has always been my goal. My mind records everything in my life. I remember all that I see, hear, taste, smell or feel. Not bragging; merely stating facts. These facts allowed me to earn four doctorates by the time I was 20. I have always loved playing the piano though I feel that I do so with little talent.

During my formative years, I planned my theory of the universe and how it came into being. The first theory I studied was straight from religious zealots. God! With a capital G. (I am here neither to prove nor disprove this theory. We will talk more about this later) The whole universe in a matter of six days was the result of one person’s power? This is a question for philosophers, not scientists. Even though Einstein had many feelings about it.

Next the Big Bang theory. There is not 100% proof of this but most theories point in that direction. It appears to be the most likely though. We are not sure of a point of origin, but the universe appears to be a large ever expanding ball. Now there are even discussions of multi-verses. But this we will save for another day.

The third is the Matrix theory. For anyone who has not heard this theory must either be a Mennonite, or they live in the jungle in Brazil. We are nothing but part of a simulated computer program that is just running on some super computer somewhere. This appears more like science fiction to me than science fact. The idea is quite interesting but the Big Bang seems to be the leading contender

None of these theories matter though because I have found what actually happened. Starting with the creation of God to the first single-celled organism that first appeared on Earth to man today. I am going to share this finding with all the people on Earth and expose all the lies that have taken place in the last three billion years. You will know the definite truth. THE PAST CANNOT BE CHANGED. But the flow can be redirected remember that. I know this for a fact because I have tried dozens of times. But there are ways that you can manipulate time with just the right tools.

I have traveled to the Earth’s past. I learned many things and now I am going to pass them on. Because no matter how you look in the mirror, you always get the same reflection. The other side of the looking glass is a scary place. (I will find later that this theory in untrue)