What Is Life?

The story of my life began in a lab at MIT. I was only 17 and the youngest person in history to attain three doctorates. But for me, this was not important. The search was what truly motivated me. I was alone and happy doing experiments at MIT tracking down the beginning of life.

I was decoding DNA from a Rhesus monkey when I came across something quite unusual. I noticed the DNA strand created certain patterns within the DNA from the beginning to the end. I was able to convert the strand codes into a computer program. It was very basic at first. I had no idea what I had stumbled across.

As I developed the programs I noticed some very peculiar images. I began to find thousands of images on top of the strand. There was no rhyme or reason to the images. Many of the pictures were identifiable. Some were of animals which I had never seen before. Many of the animals were only known in fossils. At that time I did not make the connection. But that would be just around the corner.

What were these images doing there? Were there more and how could I use them? Would I be able to code an entire strand of DNA which was billions of strands long?

My life was quite short up to this point. Of all the challenges I had so far this was by far the biggest. This will take years to unravel but I know if anyone can accomplish such a task it will be me. This became a pet project of mine over the next ten years. My patience is endless if I know in my mind what the end result could possibly be. It’s not just a matter of faith, but a matter of will. This was only the beginning of my quest for the history of life. The true history!

*What is the importance of a star? Does it tell us how old the universe is? Does it hold the secrets of the universe? How can it when all we can hear are its whispers and it is so far away. But to the universe, it is only a child, and humans mere microbes – Kyle James