Not Beyond the Realm of Possibility

Brandt Industries has funded the research that I am truly interested in. With my intellectual abilities I have made a large fortune. There are only a handful of countries GDP’s close to my balance sheet. My knowledge is not only huge, but my pocketbook as well.

At first the struggle in my search left me exhausted each and everyday. Few people were able to keep up with the process I created to build my business. People came into my orbit and left like burning stars. Robert was the one I had been looking for. He had the drive and the motivation I needed. I also trusted him with my life. We built this business together. Program Amoeba was created and from that point on we began looking into the past.

Now I am beginning to see the end of my struggle. It has been ten years since I started the project, I have not wavered for a second. But I must tell you of one incident that took place at about the seven year mark. I had anticipated this happening and I had put in place many safeguards for any eventuality. One of those burning stars had tried to burn me.

The government in its infinite wisdom had tried to came in screaming and hollering eminent domain. I said no problem go ahead and take all the research I had done so far. It didn’t matter because I had all the research stored in head. I could look it up at anytime. The computers only worked with my access codes. I had it locked down in encrypted files. I knew any good hacker could get through that encryption in short order. But I placed a virus in the program. If anyone attempted to hack the files they would not only self destruct, but it would appear as if the hackers themselves caused the program to erase itself and everything connected to it.

The government in its infinite wisdom tried to break down the programs walls. The program hemorrhaged and they were left with just little bits of code spewing out nonsensical random code that appeared as if it was being flushed down a very large drain.

The government agency was to embarrassed to say anything to anyone about this matter. You see they had been using the Pentagons super computers and my program had wiped every file connected to it wiping out all data. Even the White House. There was a lot of explaining to do. After this event I never heard from the government again.

As I have told you I have never had money problems. My funds were structured in such a way that it would take the government 500 years to track their source and location. The fact is I am the richest man in the world that no one in the world knows about. People never heard that I was able to hack the bitcoin algorithm. Something everyone said was quite impossible. I ended up with about 60 billion in bit coins. No one knew who did it, but I was on the top of the list.

I also have over 600 patents. My accountants tell me my worth is around 800 billion dollars. I make about 100 million dollars per day. That is about 365 billion dollars per year. The government can no longer touch me. I now live in a country with no treaties with the US or any other country that I need to worry about. In fact I have my own country. Don’t wish to be president so I have setup a virtual government. Tourism is our biggest business. I have had to reject many of the tourist who wished to come visit because of the connections with various countries around the world. I will not have my project tampered with by anyone.