Political Spillover Onto the Internet

Trump on Flag Day

Trump on Flag Day

I have been watching Trump’s internet quite closely since the middle of 2016. That was when I began seeing the lies on Facebook, and the false videos on YouTube. Rhetoric was being posted in order to swing the election in Trump direction. I mentioned this to many of my friends to no avail. They said that is just the nature of the internet.

Well, I can tell you emphatically that it’s not the nature of the internet. The only places that this is taking place is on social sites, and that the majority is only on Facebook and YouTube. This behavior will not be stopped but we can reevaluate the way we perceive it.

  • Don’t ever assume something is true because it’s on the internet
  • Question everything that you read on the internet
  • Don’t get involved in the spreading of falsehoods on the internet
  • Maintain your integrity in your business

Many of the people on the right say that Trump only wants what is best for America. I don’t believe that to be so. But that is just my opinion. If you vote this fall do so not because you think someone will change the economy. Vote for the person you think will continue what America is all about. That is the American people and truth.

There is so much anger going on in America at the moment. It will come to a head just before this year’s elections. I am not sure if you’re of the age to be able to vote, or are going to vote but if you do it will make a difference.

That Was Then, This Is Now

I wrote those words almost three years ago. I lost two sisters over this political battle. They still love me but won’t talk politics. But now there is a battle being waged from the right. Because like in the late 60’s I am starting to see a resurgence in America’s Greatness. The rhetoric that Trump used saying that he would make America Great again is nothing but a slogan. America was always Great, is Great, and will be great in the future. 

I am not certain where the elections will take us in 2020, but I have the feeling it will not be great for Trump and the Republicans. Maybe I’m wrong, but the winds of change are blowing.   In fact, you really can’t say he’s a president. He is a CE O running the largest company in the world with fear and intimidation. Trump will be the worst president in history.

What Scares You About Trump on the Internet

The thing that scares me most about Trump is not Trump at all. It’s the Republican party that is not being the third branch of government.  I understand the benefits are outstanding in Congress, but isn’t the reason they became Congressmen is to bring America up rather than tear her down. There is a lady sitting in the harbor of New York crying her eyes out. She is rusting right before our eyes. Paint will not change this. She will need an Oprah makeover and it will take a very long time. I love America and I hope she will not be destroyed by a man whose only goal in life is to lie, cheat and cheat some more. This too shall pass              


Not Pot

Not Pot

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